Friday, October 5, 2012


Soooo, I finished all of my work for today just before lunch... I've been doing really boring busy work since then... I have 30 minutes left in my work day... I. AM. SO. BORED. Yes, I am at work and shouldn't be doing this right now... BUT I'M BORED! the post office is closed so I can't do the last 2 letters I found that need to be done, they can wait until Monday, all of my Replacement Cost Estimators are stapled... I could alphabetize them... I think the fact that today is Friday doesn't help the time thing... Friday's always go slower.. AND it's the opening of Fearshire Farms, which I'm working... I'M A ZOMBIE!!! along with Kayla. I wonder if I'll be cold... I hope I don't fall... I ran into a fence last week when we were rehearsing the Haunted Corn Maze, I'm not in it, the ones who weren't in it went through it, while those that are did their thing. and I SAW the guy that was fixing to chase me... what I didn't see was his chainsaw... (logically i know, that there wouldn't be a chain on it, and yet I still ran, and it being dark I didn't see the fence until it was too late.) BUT before that my so called best friend PUSHED ME DOWN SO SHE COULD RUN PAST ME!! I guess the sayings true, that you don't have to outrun the bad guy, or even your friends... JUST PUSH THEM DOWN INTO THE DIRT!!! It's all good I love her anyway... usually... most of the time... well she gave birth to Ti, have to give her some credit, that's one awesome little boy... same with Jessika, she probably would've done the same thing... they both together would've laughed their asses off when I ran into the fence (Kayla did by herself) AND then checked to see if I was OK... dude the guy chasing me asked if I was OK before Kayla did... That's just not right... I'm aware of the randomness of this post.. if you don't like it, GET OVER IT! OK well I'm done now... and this has taken me less than 10 minutes to do... GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ITS ONLY 4:06.... DX OK, so after the color editing thing I just did it is now 4:10.... 20 MINUTES!!!!!!!!


  1. Dude. The coloring on this thing gave me a headache. Lol.

  2. I had to highlight that to read it...
    and wtf the guy with the chainsaw was alot closer to you than I was, of course he asked you if you were ok before I did! And then when he was coming back I had to squish against the fence while he walked past so you husha mouf!